Custom Construction Uniforms: What gear to include

Just about all clothing serves some sort of purpose, be it fashion or function, and when it comes to construction, function obviously rules the day. The clothing that any construction crew is outfitted in needs to be durable, tough, and up for the rigors of the job. Here are several vital pieces of clothing for your construction crew that can easily be customized to represent your brand —  while keeping your team safe. 

Durable Pants

Whether it’s laying asphalt, setting a foundation, or any other number of projects, a good pair of work pants is a must. It’s important that the pants be comfortable, loose enough to move freely without restriction, but not so loose that they get in the way. A hammer loop and assortment of pockets is also something that your team will be appreciative of when they need to reach for an important tool. 

A durable fabric, preferably something with triple-stitched seams and brass rivets to prevent rips will help ensure long days of work without wardrobe worry. 

Hard Hats

The importance of a good hard hat can’t be understated with the primary purpose, of course, being to prevent head injury. High-density polyethylene, fiberglass, and ABS plastic are all common hard hat materials and much lighter than metal hard hats of the past. Whichever hard hats your crew is outfitted with, they should fit securely on the head. A loose-fitting hard hat is a no-go. They come in a wide variety of colors can be easily customized with a company logo. 

High-Visibility Coats/Vests

Many construction sites involve heavy machinery and roadside locations, so being seen by your team and drivers on the road is important. A safe crew is a visible crew and one of the best items of clothing to help with this is a high-visibility coat or vest. These coats and vests come in a variety of styles from waterproof winter coats to light-weight vests for summer work. 

Adding a logo-branded safety vest or coat to your team’s uniform will help keep your crew visible to their teammates, as well as the general public.

Eyewear and Gloves 

You want to make sure that every member on the job has the proper safety eyewear. Construction eyewear comes in a variety of styles from traditional safety glasses to goggles and heavy-duty welding helmets designed for optimal visibility and protection. Ranger, Western Safety, Pyramex, and CrossFire are all well-known brands that offer a range of comfortable eyewear, often in a variety of designs. 

Just as crucial as proper eyewear are a good pair of work gloves. In fact, one study found that gloves can lower the risk of hand injury by 70%. And just like eyewear, safety gloves come in an array of styles. From full-grain leather to synthetic materials, reliable work gloves should be able to keep your team’s hands not just safe but comfortable throughout the entire workday. The work gloves options out there today are almost endless, but opting for a pair that fits well, with a cut-resistant material, and a little padding is a great place to start. 

Adding a custom logo to gloves or eyewear can be a nice final touch and send the message that workers are part of a team. 


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