One of the mistakes companies make when investing in branded wearables as giveaways is failing to adjust to the seasons. Once the fall weather arrives, it makes far more sense to look at customizing items that are warm and cozy instead of your sleeveless summer shirts. Here we provide your best 2021 winter wearable choices to keep your promotional items relevant and timely.


Although comfortable clothing was becoming the norm for people prior to the pandemic, the work-from-home trend has made cozy clothes even more popular. That means the comfy sweatshirt is always a welcome gift, especially if it is branded with the company logo. Known as the “athleisure” look, the sweatshirt is a staple of the casual trend. 

Millennials are big fans of this fashion statement which has become a popular look for daily leisurewear for social media influencers as well as their followers. Designers were quick to jump on the bandwagon, so you are seeing more brands following in the footsteps of brands such as Lulu Lemon, and the originators of athletic wear such as Adidas and Nike. 

The sporty look combines high-quality materials and sporty designs with comfort remaining at the center of the style. You can really get into the spirit of this item by introducing fashion-forward neons or florals. Your winter wearables should focus on this major item in a high-quality soft fabric that becomes everyone’s favorite sweater.


Keeping up with the athleisure trend, pullovers are another comfy shirt people will appreciate. Sans the hoodie, this piece of clothing is another staple when the cold weather hits. Available in a wide variety of styles and colors, the pullover is a happy medium between the hooded sweatshirt and the quarter zip.

Quarter Zips

You might not recognize the term quarter zips, but basically, it is a warm pullover with a zipper and “mock” turtleneck collar. These are available in various materials ranging from fleece to waterproof materials. Some are intended for outerwear, while others are a counterpart of the pullover and sweatshirt.

Long Sleeve T-shirts

The beauty of the long-sleeved t-shirt is that it straddles the warm and cold weather worlds. It can be worn as a layer in colder weather or serves as sun protection in the summer months. This means people get more wear out of the long sleeve t-shirt than their heavier counterparts like sweatshirts and pullovers.

Winter Hats


Hats are also very fashionable and come in a wide variety of styles. Whether you go for a toque, cable knit, beanie, the pompom or something in fleece, winter hats come in handy whether it is out shoveling snow, making a snowman, walking the dog or tobogganing. This winter wear staple can be lots of fun, with endless possibilities for your design choices. From the color to the knit and from a pompom to a cuff, you can create your own stylish headwear to appeal to just about anyone wanting to keep their head warm.

All of these winter wearables can be personalized with your brand and your choice of color and style. White Rhino can customize just about any product—contact us for more information.