Are you in the construction industry and looking for ways to enhance company branding while retaining top safety standards? White Rhino Marketing has a variety of promotional products your company can use to stay safe on a job site.

Hard Hats

One of the top products required on any construction site is a hard hat. Hard hats protect your employee from falling objects, slip and fall incidents, and so much more.

Branding hard hats is a simple process. We consider your color preferences, brand logo placement, sizing, and more. Completely customize your employees’ hard hats for a look all your own.

The benefits of hard hat customization don’t stop with your employees. When your team enters a job site, the client will see your logo. Branded safety equipment makes your company look more professional and dedicated to employee safety.


Depending on the type of work being done, safety goggles may be required. Goggles or safety glasses can be printed with logos on the frame or the lens.

Like the hard hats, the glasses protect your employees. Safety glasses prevent eye damage caused by flying objects, heat while welding, and other tasks.


Most construction workers wear thick gloves to protect their hands. This is true of nearly any construction trade. Brand your employees’ gloves with the company logo. Not only will they see the logo every time they look at their hand, but clients who shake hands with your team will also see the logo and keep you in mind for their next job.


As far as safety gear goes, steel-toed boots are up there with hard hats as a job site necessity. In fact, most companies won’t even allow their employees on a worksite without protective footwear.

Brand your employee’s work boots, so clients are reminded of your company with every step an employee takes.


Tools are a necessity on a worksite and tool belts are a great option for branding. Toolbelts are an affordable promotional product and are usually worn around the waist. This centric placement makes your logo more noticeable.

Every time a construction worker reaches for a hammer, screwdriver, drill, or gloves, they’ll see the logo and remember who they work for and why. Your client will also see this logo front and center and keep you in mind for future builds.

Other Wearables

It’s not just safety and construction wear we brand. We can brand any product your team wears, including uniforms, work shirts, work pants, hooded sweatshirts, raincoats, winter hats, and more.

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