Nothing says summer like staying hydrated with your favorite branded corporate swag. To select promotional products your partners and customers will use again and again, it helps to watch trends and stay seasonal.

At White Rhino, we create high-quality promotional products to get brands noticed. Our job is to keep your company at the forefront of your customer’s minds. Thinking about adding drinkware to your corporate gifts this summer? Here are some products to try.

Insulated Water Bottle

Water is the most important thing we consume throughout the day. That goes double during the summer heat. Insulated water bottles make great promotional products, offering visible logo placement on a useful item to consumers of all ages.

Recently, there has been an increase in glass and metal water bottles, foregoing the previously popular plastic bottles. Metal insulated water bottles mingle eco-friendly hydration with a helpful product consumers are sure to reuse.

Spill-proof Iced Drink Cup

Reusable tumblers with lids are the new hip way to enjoy everything from iced coffee to lemonade. The perfect summer accompaniment at the beach, backyard barbeque, or bonfire. For companies hoping to capture the summer vibe from noon to night, spill-proof iced drink cups are a perfect piece of branded corporate swag to retain an interest in the off-season.


Summer is a time for parties, and parties mean stemware. A wine glass is a great canvas for brand promotion and logo placement.

Sure to be seen at many family get-togethers and neighborhood barbeques, your branded corporate swag wine glasses may not make it to the table at a ritzy cocktail party, but they’re sure to spark questions at casual gatherings, and you’ll have all the answers when newcomers call.

Camp-Friendly Wine Glasses

Stemware is used year-round but consider stemless acrylic wine glasses for your next promotional products. Camping, boating, and days by the lake call for unbreakable summer hydration. Let your brand offer a solution with drinkware your employees and clients can share at the cabin or cottage for the weekend.

Some stemless wine glasses also come with lids and straws, making them a great gift for consumers of all ages and interests.

Mason Jar Drinkware

Take things to the country with branded mason jars. Nights on the porch and afternoons in the garden call for cool refreshments. Nothing is cozier, or more country than mason jar drinkware. Get your brand and logo on corporate gifts your customers will want to use again and again.

Mason jar drinkware is affordable, and popular throughout North America. For kitchen parties and patio parties alike, mason jars are a good choice for lemonade, iced tea, sangria, and more. Add a lid and a straw to take it out on the lake or opt for an acrylic version to make it camping friendly.

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